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Discussion in 'Trade' started by Stallen, Oct 22, 2016.

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  1. Stallen

    Stallen Guest

    Hi, I find myself with a lot of spare parts so if anyone would like a few, post your code and which parts and if I have I'll send.
  2. Oohwhop716

    Oohwhop716 Guest

    Can you send daylight dekotora and mallard parts please friend code is 14PFRG
  3. 123225 is my code

    I'm after:
    Global Espress
    Petabyte Zepher

  4. I also need to repair trains and require:

    Peco Standard
    Vila Standard
    San Jun Standard
    Zettabyte Zepher
    Terabyte Zepher
    Metro Express
  5. I sent a dekotora part, hope you got it, first time I've sent parts. I'll send more for that train. Hope you can help me
  6. Any chance of some train parts please. I really need some
  7. Im looking for all steamers and all expresses and maybe bullets if you have any!
    Code is 14XPJ0
    Thank you!
  8. I need century limited parts, i can send dragon breath, carbon steamers, an express part, lots of bluebell and a few cherry steamer parts, or 2 daylight parts, my code is 14XVVG
  9. I can send 2 bullet parts for 2 century limited parts
  10. Eli CHU

    Eli CHU Level 1

    Dec 10, 2016
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    Would you please send me 1 part for the engine of Carbon Steamer, 4 parts for the fuelcar of Carbon Stemer, 2 parts for Global Express, and 3 parts for DragonBreath?
    If you cannot provide too many, would you please at least for the Carbon Steamer engine and Global Express?

    Thanks a lot.

    My code: 14XZND
  11. I can send 1 carbon steamer part and 2 global express parts if you can trade me 2 century limited parts
  12. Gabriel Woon

    Gabriel Woon Guest

    Hi there, I just stared the game and am currently at lv 12. It would be appreciated if you could send me anything appropriate for my situation. Code: 14YCCS.

  13. Maxity

    Maxity Guest

    This is my code 14YX9X anything is good
  14. smsondreal16

    smsondreal16 Guest

  15. T.I.

    T.I. Guest

    143H30 I would like as many freighter (especially the New Jersey) parts as possible, if that's okay.
  16. Help please

    Help please Guest

    I'm after 2 national express parts. Can trade most steamers. 150Z4J
  17. Feodor

    Feodor Guest

    Please, any parts on your choice! Code

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