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    Hi All,

    App Invasion is run on very powerful forum software with addition plugins that provide it's users many features most forums don't have. For this reason I thought it would useful to list all the neat little things App Invasion forums can do.

    Likes System
    Every thread and post can be "Liked". This can easily be done by clicking on the "Like" link on the bottom right of each thread and post. This will publicly show others you liked this message and will also increase the author's "Liked" count.

    Feedback System
    This feature is used as a reputation tracker for trading on site. To give someone feedback, that member must first have posted a thread within a forum that's considered a "Trading" forum (usually a game specific forum within "Game Forums" that discusses a game that includes trading). Then you can either click "give feedback" on that member's card (click on any member's user name link) or profile page.

    The "Feedback" tab show's the "Top Traders", "Hall of Shame" and "Latest Feedback" at any give time. Also your profile page will have your own Feedback stats.

    Everyone is probably familiar with how wikis work. On App Invasion we have our own wiki system for people to create wikis for their favorite games. To create a wiki just click into the wiki tab and then click on "create a new page" under the main header.

    Sidebar Widget
    On all forum pages there is a widget on the left sidebar with three columns that lists recent threads within that forum and it's children forum:
    • New: Shows 5 of the newest threads created within the last 7 days.
    • Hot: Shows 5 of the most discussed threads created within the last 7 days.
    • Popular: Shows 5 of the most "liked" threads created within the last 7 days.
    You can toggle this widget by clicking on the small aqua colored arrows on the top left.

    Thread Tagging
    Each thread within the Game Discussions forum is tagged with the following:
    • genre (action, adventure, rpg...)
    • price (free, $0.99, $1.99...)
    • internet connection required (offline, online)
    • random attributes (retro, zombies, multiplayer...)

    Member Tagging
    Within any thread or post your can "tag" another member by typing @[username], where [username] is the name of the member you'd like to tag. This will then send an Alert to that member with a link to that thread or post.

    Following Members
    You can follow any member you deem worthy and by doing so your "News Feed" will show when those members have posted or liked anything. On your profile page it'll also so you a list of the members your've followed.

    Discussion Growth
    Here at App Invasion we understand that a discussion about a game may start as thread but easily snowball into requiring it's own forum, maybe even multiple forums! This is why as game specific threads grow under the "Game Discussions" forum at a certain point we may upgrade it into it's own forum within "Game Forums". If that's not enough we'll even create subforums (General, Trading, etc...) to accomodate needs.

    Hope everyone enjoys what we've created here. Now go and try some of this stuff out! :D
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