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Discussion in 'Fullbokko Heroes' started by Emu, Sep 27, 2015.

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    Hey all,

    So this forum is basically dead, but I figured I'd share my experience so people don't repeat my mistake just in case anyone ever looks here again. Just a preface, I really do enjoy this game a lot so noting I'm about to say detracts from the game-play.

    So yesterday I decided to switch my account through data migration to my Ipad from my Android phone while I bought a new phone. Upon opening my account I discovered my 45 Real Bocko were now gone. I was understandably horrified, and immediately contacted Drecom to see if it was some mistake. No its not, they informed me, and all of my currency is gone. I asked if there was anything they could do as I had spent several weeks gathering that currency. Their response basically amounted to: Your SOL, sorry buddy.

    As such, I wanted to share this story WARNING PEOPLE that you WILL lose all your currency if you transfer data. Their is no warning about this in the game's data migration information (I can read it, so I know), SO BE AWARE since they WILL NOT help you if you lose currency.

    And yeah, this has certainly poisoned my experience with the game lol.

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