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Discussion in 'Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes' started by TheBeard, Jan 6, 2016.

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    So I love having the Rey character. She almost always goes first and attacks like nobody's business, she just dominates. I'm trying to think of a team built around her to maximize these traits. This is not necessarily a realistic team, especially if a possible team member is data card only, but just fun musings.

    Any thoughts? My initial thoughts for a team are below:

    1. Rey
    2. Poe Dameron (leader) - in GW and PvP, he generally goes just after Rey. Taunts for two turns, allowing Rey to use both her special attacks without worrying about losing buffs to non-AoE attacks. Reduces turn meter to enemies, giving Rey increased opportunity to get second attack off earlier. Also gives resistance allies (i.e. Rey) more offense.
    3. Luminara - good heals and ability block (definitely need someone for that healer role)
    4. Fives - Has speed down abilities, chance to call in Rey
    5. ??? - maybe somebody that gives buffs?

    Not sure they make the cut, but could be fun:
    Ackbar - random ally gets 100% turn meter
    Leia - critical chance up
    First Order Officer - chance to remove enemy meter and give ally meter (no nothing about this character really)
    Han - same reasons as Poe, but without the synergy
    Finn - synergy
    Phasma - turn meter stuff
    Sidious - critical chance/damage

    Ideas for the fifth slot? Better ideas for slots 2-4? Just fun stuff for a badass character
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    I think Finn is a better Resistance leader than Poe. Both give 25% offense only for Resistence, but different secondary boosts. Poe gives 15% Tenacity for only Resistance and Finn gives 35 Defense for Resistance (half that to everyone else). That being said, I think Phasma would be a better leader, since there's a chance to call in assists for everyone. Plus, she can do Speed Down and Advantage. To me, that's better than Fives and complements Poe.

    Really, I think Poe is going to be the key to a lot of teams. I only recently started looking at him and his speed is pretty high. He's only bested by Dooku, Leia, Sidious, and Nute (not that anyone uses him). If money were no object, I'd say a team like this would be very hard to beat:

    Phasma (leader)
    Poe Dameron
    First Order TIE Pilot
    Rey / Luminara
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