Daily Contract Package... Is it worth it!? Here are my results

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    Let me preface this a little bit. I was excited when I first saw this option. I have played CQ since the first week of its release and since then I have been missing Gon. Yes, Yes he is a horrible hero but for over two years I have been trying to get him for his Skill unlock. So i figure why not roll the CQ RNG machine and see what happens. Heck! I might actually get one of the other few Heroes I'm missing (Siefried, Kaguya, and Noel).
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    I will be updating this topic weekly (if not daily) with my daily 3*-6* pulls. So far I'm not having to much luck. 3 Brown ponies.... GRRRR! I am hoping to at least get 10 white horses out of the 30 total pulls.
    SO! Heres to CQ RNG loving me this month!

    Day 1- 3* Private Health Nurse (Priest)
    Day 2- 3* Private Kendo Club (Warrior)
    Day 3- 3* Valencian Knight (Warrior)
    Day 4- 3* Leopard Girls (Hunter)
    Day 5- 4* Seiren (Priest) WOOT! *First White Horse*
    Day 6- 3* First Class Maid (Priest)
    Day 7- 3* Magic Engineer (Hunter)
    Day 8- 3* Zodiac Army Gemini (Hunter)
    Day 9- 3* Elite Falcon (Hunter)
    Day 10- 4* Lupeow (Wizard) **Second White Horse**
    Day 11- 3* Neth Army Female Executive (Wizard)
    Day 12- 4* Himiko (Priest) ***Third white Horse***
    Day 13- 3* Royal Guard (Paladin)
    Day 14- 3* Private Occultist (Wizard)
    Day 15- 3* Elite Falcon (Hunter)
    Day 16- 6* Tribal King Uzimant (Warrior) **** Fourth White Horse**** WOW!
    Day 17- 3* Little Devil (Paladin)
    Day 18- 4* Whoompa Woopa (Priest) ***** Fifth White Horse*****
    Day 19- 3* Wolf Guard (Warrior)
    Day 20- 3* Red Hood (Hunter)
    Day 21- 4* Dox (Hunter) ****** Sixth White Horse ******
    Day 22- 3* Space Swordsman (Warrior)
    Day 23- 3* Roman Soldier (Paladin)
    Day 24- 4* Joan of Arc (Warrior) ******* Seventh White Horse *******
    Day 25- 3* Frost Archer (Archer)
    Day 26- 3* Gatcha Ranger K (Paladin)
    Day 27- 3* Mechanical Girl (Archer)
    Day 28- 3* Zodiac Army Virgo (Archer)
    Day 29- 3* Royal Musician (Hunter)
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    Call it fate, call it divine intervention, call it RNG smiling at me!

    So looking at the totals:
    22 3* Brown Ponies
    7 4* White Horse
    1 6* White Horse

    Final Comments: For whats its worth. I am very pleased with the pulls I received. I was hoping for 10 White Horses but I got 8. Not bad. I'm extremely excited I got the one pull I desired Gon (archer). I will most likely try this again in the future.
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    If others do the pulls please post yours. I'm interested in the brown to white pull ratio. When I do this again ill start another posting on the same feed.
    Good luck to everyone! Happy questing!
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