Concerns with the drop rates. RWBY EVENT!

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    CQ, HANGAMES, Toast!?

    I have posted many times about this issue and I am going to post again. I have played this game forever (since week one). I have had my share of ups and downs. I understand this. RNG can be a blessing or a curse. This event (RWBY) is no exception. I have done ~ 140 pulls (892 gems spent). Here is my data.
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    15 Blakes (Burned 8 into Champion)
    2 Pyrrha
    9 Ruby (Burned 2 into Champion)
    6 Nora (Burned 2 into Champion)
    0 Weiss
    0 Yang

    (Approximately a 20% chance to Pull a RWBY character)

    If you would like to confirm my numbers check my character.

    I am one of those weird players that TRIES to collect all the characters. But this is pretty ridiculous.
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    I'm not here to rage on the RNG or the game. I LOVE THIS GAME! but may I suggest something.

    Please consider a "trade option". This trade option would "trade" 3:1 for an alternate character. ( Even 5:1 would work for me) So in my case I could trade 3 of my extra Blakes for 1 Weiss or Yang.

    I understand the underlying need for selling gems for games like this but I will not be burning any more gems on this event.

    Keep up the great work.

    Thank you for hearing me out
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