Clearing FH 7 Terminus

Discussion in 'Frontier Hunter' started by Zelron, Oct 25, 2014.

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    Feb 8, 2014
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    Got all the Terminus rewards on the 1st try using FH 6 team. Killed Grah barely and got whooped by Tilith.

    I don't really care for service pts, but I figure I should try to clear the whole thing so I tried this team:

    Deemo (lead)...Legward
    Luther (cause Douglas is bugged)...Divine Stone
    Daru (6* SBB10)...Sol Creater
    Grah (friend)

    Maruder Set (the one with Atk pot and Fujin...must have imo)

    1st stage) I just use a Fuijin on Daru so I don't have to worry about using pot...when Melchio BB is available, I use it....when Daru BB is available I use it again...when SGX/Luther/Deemo/Grah should be filled within 3 turns...unleash and clear

    2nd-5th stage) Just auto and clear...even though the Sibyl sisters comes in 2 only, I was still filling my BB/SBB fully when I clear the stage

    6th stage) Grah doesn't hit too hard cause of your Grah friend and Daru...he does drain your BB randomly and I guess you will need some luck he doesn't drain too much from your Melchio/Daru...similar to 1st stage, use whenever BB comes up...especially Daru

    7th stage) Tilith...I unloaded all my SBB/BB on first turn, I think she drains all BB gauge right after plus her AoE takes out 50% of my use heal pots and fuijin on Daru. The goal is to use the 50% mitigation every turn (whether its BB/SBB)...if you just got drained, you will need to use that fuijin. GL
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    Try using def set
    Flute acts as healer :p
    For tilith

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