Chilly Bread Storage B10F

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  1. Ixodonte

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    Jun 16, 2014
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    Try 2 healers and archon with bella. It works, takes time but works.
  2. Yuusha

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    Jan 15, 2015
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    I was too lazy to figure out which defense they were using so I cleared it with 3 healers and Dionne since her attack bypasses their buffs :b
  3. Renny

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    Same, I killed the chef healer guy no problem, but nothing hit the counselor. I went so far as to trigger all three types of chains at once from different fighters and still nothing hit. His sp refills super fast, so I'm wondering if he somehow has perma-buff vs all three chains?

    In any case, it sounds like it's not even worth trying it again.
  4. Some tips and notes:
    The bosses in this level have "random" defense. This means that they take damage randomly from 1, 2, or 3 chains. However, there are some tips:
    Bosses take damage from neutral damage. This makes Bella one of the best ways, since you can easily use Bella if you have enough goddess power.
    Okay, that's one step. Second step: multi hitters are very VERY useful. Why? Bosses take 1000 additional damage for every separate hit from a correct chain skill. So, a 4* R-0 can be better than a 6* Leon, for example. This makes many such as Dart or other multi hitters.
    Time for Blood Donation, if transcended, is deadly to these bosses. If you stack up to five or six you can very well kill some of the bosses.
  5. King-Boss

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    I don't understand why people try and go for B10 clear..when B9 is 1 key cheaper with same results far as bread won and much easier to beat.

    Run the following team on B9 and see what i mean lol


    have dionne as your goddess as well. just make sure your priests do not have any damage dealing specials(don't use nurspy at all) and you can actually use any priest you want..cause the priests are just a team filler..sasquatch is where the damage comes from. his 3 chain skill damages the boss much more than any other hero i've tried, rachel does also if would prefer to use her. but it is simple to use...simply use ya priest blocks as they come and stack sasquatch's blocks for chain 3's and when goddess is able to be used hit em with goddess. i kill the b9 boss within seconds using this method..usually around 10 seconds and boss is done for.

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