Challenge battle conditions, odds need to be reviewed!

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    I'll start by saying 'Good Job!!' To the Gumi team, not only for that new challenge arena mode but for all they added in the past year(s) in regards to records, challenges, achievements etc... It keeps the game refreshing and fun!

    This being said, like all new features, they can be improved and I think the challenge battle condition odds should be part of this improvement. As per what I'm seeing, they seem to be based on a somewhat random basis but some repeats way more often than others.

    Here are the one I've seen so far:

    -Elemental advantage
    -No leader skills
    -No brave bursts
    -Empty BB gauge start
    -Gender/Non-Gender advantage
    -Atk halved

    I think the worst conditions are Empty BB gauge start and no Brave bursts, which should be the case for almost everyone. To be perfectly fair, it should be ~17% chance of getting any of these but those 2 conditions come back way too often and usually follow each others in a mad spiral.. like 5-6 fights in a row.

    It seems like a trap so the players need to buy potions and spend crystals to revive their units. The challenge arena already seems to provide less BC and HC than regular arena to start with , so when you have 5-6 fights in a row without kicking a single BB/SBB it is simply a butchery.. You either sacrifice a good team as HP depletes every battles or you weaken multiple average teams through the fights which is really frustrating..

    So here are my suggestions:

    1.You put the odds where they belong at ~17% per condition..or
    2.You can't have twice the same condition in a row or have a serie of Empty BB gauge start/No BB to repeat itself twice (see thrice here)...

    Your thoughts folks? Anyone feels the same way!?
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