Can someone help me make a good team?

Discussion in 'Units' started by blackcats, Nov 30, 2016.

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    I've been playing this game for some months but im not very good at making teams.
    Can someone help me doing so?
    My units are:
    Fire: Vargas, Kulyuk, Lava, Darvanshel, Rineth, Gildorf, Rengaku, Ciara.
    Water: Noah, Colt, Vernil, 2x Iris, Savia, Piany, Klaus, Asahi, Azami, Stein, Holia, Fei.
    Earth: Zelnite, Oguru, Libera, Cyan, Estelle, Isterio, Hisui.
    Thunder: Rize, Balgran, Mahalu, Reddrag, Viktor.
    Light: Atro, Ark(7), 2x Krantz, 2x Sirius, Zekt, Jed.
    Dark: Grahdens, 2x Elza, Chrome, Malbelle, Melina, Eclise, Kalon, Zenia, Aaron, Toki, Mifune, Zeal.

    Thanks a lot!

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    How far are you story wise?

    Assuming you can get all the units listed to their highest evolution (except Ark since you specified 7*), I'd focus on Zelnite, Hisui, Holia, Sirius, and Elza to start. This setup should get you started for being able to quest well enough. Then get Ark to omni.
    Then I'd focus on Zekt, Ciara, Stein, Azami, Rize, Krantz, Toki (I'd prioritize Zekt as he's quite good as a tanky leader).

    The idea is to cover all the necessary buffs to maximize your team's effectiveness., but there's also some "must have" abilities. One is mitigation (skills that cut damage by 50%), which Hisui will cover. Buffs for ATK/DEF are covered by Sirius. Elza is for debuffing your enemies and BC generation. Zelnite makes a popular lead for farming experience. Holia is support/recovery, and also a good leader in certain situations. The 5 I mentioned first may be lacking damage, but the units I listed afterwards can help with damage (Ark/Ciara for elemental damage, Toki is single target damage, Rize is even more of a pure nuker).

    Also, what are those tags?

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