can i get some help with squad please?

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    i currently have:
    holy flame vargas (breaker) 6*

    Ocean Jewel Averus (anima) 6*

    Beryl Edge Quaid (breaker) 5*

    Gale piercing Dion (Lord) 5*

    Larking Kira (Lord) 5*

    Yuuri (Lord) 5*

    Virtuous Shimmer Layla (anima) 6*

    Shado Serpent Kafka (anima) 6*

    Lava beast Vermilion (Guardian) 5*

    Drake Armor Klaus (Breaker) 5*

    Misfortune Feeva (Lord) 5*

    I dont have a lot of units, but as a f2p player whos been playing on and off, this is the best that I have gone to. I was wondering if there was a rainbow squad i should really focus on to clear content from the vortex dungeon and quests.

    I tried the mecha god quests, and my squad just gets wiped out, but none of my members are very optimized yet so I still have hope!

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