Buy my account BB Payback, SoB 2, Venomstorm

Discussion in 'Trading' started by WaxMyShazzy, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. WaxMyShazzy

    WaxMyShazzy Level 6

    Feb 22, 2014
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    Iron Golem *
    2x Ios 13611 Atk, 1x 13561
    1x Yulia 13998 Atk
    1x Santa, Bringer of Death 13350 Agi
    2x Desna 15073 Atk, 1x 14923 Atk
    1x Fomor 14473 Atk
    1x Doog 14330 Wis
    1x Lucia 15416 Def
    2x ASK 17133 Agi
    1x Hecaton 13902 Atk
    1x Cat Sith Magus 15804 Wis
    1x Cat Sith Chill 15578 Wis
    1x Beheading Scarecrow 13090 Atk
    Other random dudes inc. doog * and 3x fomor *

    13x mandrake
    3x heartsblood
    646x ghorn

    438x elixir
    89x drake leaf
    623x bugle
    610x sage
    1367x blood meal
    about 90 crystals of different types

    I don't really know whats its worth or even how to get payed for it. I do have paypal but have never done any trades here before. I have no problem going first, though obviously only to someone with good rating. If noone wants this account perhaps i can donate it to the boards. I was on the old boards a good bit when i played and i remember truth did some good giveaways maybe my stuff could help.

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