Brave Spring Festival 2017 (Summary of Events)

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    Greetings, Summoners!

    The annual rite of Spring is here and Grand Gaia is hosting Brave Spring Festival 2017 to celebrate the arrival of Spring!

    A string of fun Brave Spring Festival 2017 activities await you from Mar 8 00:00 PST - May 17 23:59 PST! So come join us!

    Some of our upcoming events are divided into different phases, with every phase containing mysterious surprises and awesome events that you will surely enjoy!
    • Brave Spring Festival Login Campaign + Unit of Choice
      • Event Duration:
        • Mar 8 00:00 PST - May 17 23:59 PST
      • Log in Daily during the Brave Spring Festival to receive Spring Summon Tickets, 30 Gems, a Unit of Choice, and FREE Easter Unit!
      • Stay tuned for more detailed information on the Login Campaign.
    • Souls Training Ground: Double Experience! Half Energy Cost!
      • Event Duration:
        • Mar 9 PST - Mar 15 PST
        • Apr 6 PST - Apr 12 PST
      • The Souls Training Ground will open its gates for all Summoners to partake in some hardcore training!
      • Enjoy Double EXPERIENCE and HALF ENERGY for a limited time, during Brave Spring Festival 2017! See the schedules below:
        • 09:00 PST - 11:59 PST
        • 21:00 PST - 23:59 PST
    • Heavenly Paradise Once-Per-Day Vortex Dungeon
      • Event Duration:
        • Mar 16 00:00 PST - Mar 21 23:59 PST
      • Summoners can access Heavenly Paradise Vortex Dungeon once per day, during this period and grab this opportunity to acquire a rare Elgif each day!
    • Spring Exchange Hall Increased Limit
      • Mar 7 00:00 PST - May 16 23:59 PST
      • Get double the number of items from the Merit Point Exchange Hall with double limit this Spring!
    • Spring Updates / Offers for Guild Exchange Hall!
      • New Elemental Spheres NOW IN Guild Exchange hall!
        • From 8th March 00:00 PST
        • Head to the Guild Exchange hall and check out the brand new Elemental Spheres!
        • Refer to this LINK for the Sphere Details
      • Guild Exchange Hall Spring Special
        • The purchase limit of selected Guild Raid Sphere Upgrade Materials will be doubled in the Guild Exchange Hall every week during this Brave Spring Festival.
        • Mar 13 00:00 UTC - Mar 19 23:59 UTC
          • Featured Items: Viper Tail, Molted Wyrmscale, Sarayagaza Bloom
        • Mar 20 00:00 UTC - Mar 26 23:59 UTC
          • Featured Items: Bone Club, Shambler Cuttings, Phrun Stingers
        • Mar 27 00:00 UTC - Apr 2 23:59 UTC
          • Featured Items: Burbur Branch, Centipede Fang, Dhlerp Tail
        • Apr 3 00:00 UTC - Apr 9 23:59 UTC
          • Featured Items: Sea-star Crystal, Chronal Sand, Whiteland Rock
        • Apr 10 00:00 UTC - Apr 16 23:59 UTC
          • Featured Items: Infused Herbs, Aqueous Plague, Old Fossil
    • Spring Colosseum 3x ABP/CBP
      • Event Duration:
        • Mar 8 00:00 PST - Mar 14 23:59 PST
        • Apr 5 8 00:00 PST - Apr 11 23:59 PST
      • Join us in the Arena and Colosseum this Spring and gain TRIPLE BONUS on Arena Battle Points and Colosseum Battle Points!
    • Special Brave Points Exchange
      • Mar 8 00:00 PST - Apr 30 23:59 PST
      • Exchange 1 Summon Ticket for a reduced cost of 1,000 Brave Points during this Spring Festival! On top of that, you can exchange for ONE limited-time Spring Summon Ticket with 1,000 Brave Points each month in March and April!
      • Spring Summon Ticket will only be available later in the month.
      • More information about the Spring Summon Ticket here > Spring Summon Tickets and Brave Spring Players' Omni Choice Poll
    Mar 16 00:00 PST - Mar 31 23:59 PST
    • Valentine 2017 Vortex Reopen
      • Mar 16 00:00 PST - Mar 21 23:59 PST
      • Use this chance to get materials you might have missed out previously to craft the special Valentine‚Äôs Spheres. Enter the Forgotten Shadows with a few new mystery guests this time round!
    "It is I, the glorious spear of the East!
    Know that heaven and hell have forsaken you!"
    - an authoritative and courageous voice
    "My, my, do shut your mouth.
    Did you really think I couldn't overcome death, darling?
    Now give me a kiss...."
    - A soft whisper, with the voices of the dead echoing in its wake
    Apr 12 00:00 PST - Apr 26 23:59 PST
    • Carrol Omni Evolution Released!
      • Easter returns with an Omni upgrade for Carrol! More details to be released soon!
    • Brave Spring Festival Login Campaign FREE UNIT
      • Receive a FREE Easter Unit on the 40th day of Spring Login campaign. Watch this space for more details on this Mystery Unit!
    Carrol is once again on the hunt for the colorful mystical eggs! However, is she the only one after them...?
    Stay tuned for more hints and updates for Mystery Events!
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    Lots of login rewards lately.

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