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    Hello! There's a new game out called Hello Hero that a bunch of us over at Brave Frontier just started playing. It has good 3D graphics, fun, fast-paced but also simple and easy to play while working, doing hw, or even while waiting for energy from another game.

    I'm gonna give a somewhat in depth review now but if you want to just watch the trailor, it's at the bottom.

    F2P does well, since you can slowly farm Carats (their ingame money) from a daily mine, battle modes, etc., but IAP is available. You'll also get various rewards by reaching XX level, and more from completing quests (achievements). There are 4 different servers to choose from, but all of us are playing on ARMON server. Hello Hero is available for Android, iOS, or you can play it directly from Facebook on your PC. It only takes up like 41 MB and it doesn't even use much cellular data.

    There are multiple game modes that you can unlock as you level up.
    -Multiple Planets (their version of islands) with multiple areas (like elemental stages).
    -Boss raids.
    -Bounty (free pretty strong 3*-4* unit).
    -Onyx mode (a hard mode after beating missions once).
    -Time Attack.
    -Treasure Hunt (similar to Vortex).
    -Guild wars(!).

    There are hundreds of units for you to collect.
    Battles are in real time while regular attacks are automated. Skills can be triggered manually and have cool downs.
    There are four types of units: Tank, Heal, Hybrid (buffs), and Attack.
    Gold is used to increase unit capacity, upgrade units, etc.
    Units can be equipped with a weapon and armor. Enhanced heroes can equip crafted accessory items.
    Your units level after completing a battle from defeating mobs.

    You can fuse units to upgrade them from +1 to +5, which increases their stats by 10% each time. Fusing higher star units increases the chance of the upgrade being successful, but even if you fail you'll accumulate upgrade points until it's a guaranteed +1.
    You can fuse two units in the same tier when they're maxed out and at +5 to receive a random hero at the next tier (i.e. 2x 3* fused = 1x 4* unit).
    Check this guide out for more information:

    Now is a good time to start because the big Season 2 update was just released so there are plenty of events and freebies. There's an event starting today and lasting for a week where everyone that enters get a free 5* Hero which is pretty insane since that's the second highest rarity hero.
    Feel free to use me as a referral if/when you start the game. You'll get 10 Carats.
    IGN = Rotohomer on the Armon server.

    Here's the official HH forum where I help moderate:

    And here's the forum for HH where I first found the game:

    Our Guild = Abyss

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    Not bad, I'll keep it for a while.

    Your turn to TFL

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