Best uniforms to buy during the sale?

Discussion in 'Character Discussions' started by Solaris, Apr 17, 2016.

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    Aug 26, 2015
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    Since the uniform sale is almost over, I'd like to ask what uniform is really worth getting? I'm thinking about buying one for Iron Man, Ultron, and maybe Kingpin (for his team with Iron Man and WM).

    I'd like to hear some suggestions. Thanks.
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    Kingpin's Secret Wars uniform ("Blastpin") is a solid choice. Plus there are tons of Combat types and not so much of the Blast types.

    I've heard of Daisy Johnson's Agent of SHIELD uniform with the OP buff so I got that one. I'm still not liking the whole Loki ridiculousness but I got his Lady uniform anyway

    I have 975 crystals left over myself, not sure what else to buy. I considered Sister Grimm but thought about how hard getting her bios would be :-(

    P.S.: Logging in later today, I just received the first of several free Proxima Midnight biometrics... probably best to save all resources for leveling her up :)
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