Best tank/ability combo against AI?

Discussion in 'Super Battle Tactics' started by Acolis, Aug 7, 2014.

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    Whats the best tanks/abilities combo to use againts AI.

    Tried the 3 speed 1 assault target combo, but jammer screw my first attack usually.

    Tried tough tanks with target,ministrike, and fire magnet, but higher AI opponents kill the tank pretty easily (Max tank HP is 37. 41 with fire magnet).

    Jammer,target,and ministrike works on 2 out of three.

    kinda lost, got maybe 2 win strike on a good day.
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    Against AI it is gonna be things like napalm but if you had that you wouldn't need to fight AI haha. Sooo for lower tier players go with first strike, you may lose to jammers and what not but going first is always a big deal and you can kill tanks and still scavange parts. Run 3 first strike and 1 support tank very good thing to do.
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    My current setup is: Kraken, Guardian, Reaper and Mustang. And my current rank isRuby 5. With this set-up, I am able to beat any of the AI , even the hard ones such as 2 Stinger, 2 speartooth. I usually put 2 ability points in Targeting II and 1 into Jammer II each turn, and by doing this; I am able to easily best the AI. (Tanks are dully upgraded)
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    Aug 15, 2014
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    Another possibility that is in high popularity right now is running all high helath tanks and Firebomb spamming. I believe I probably poularized it as I was the first one I saw doing it, but quickly learned how to beat that technique with my current comp. But utilizing tanks like The Duke, Deso, Queen Bee, Guardian, Fortress, etc... Anything near and above 50 health and dumping FB2 seems to be popular and getting allot of people in or near the top 100. I even faced a guy today that had 2 guardians, a Queen Bee and I think a speartooth but dont remember the last tank....either way the point is he was running potentially 28 shields each time and spamming FB2. I beat him but he did kill two of my tanks, and if i hadnt killed him before the turn was over; all our tanks would have been gone and the tie always goes to the person defending first that round.

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