Best grinding spots?

Discussion in 'Blood Brothers RPG 2' started by Abazaba, Jan 23, 2015.

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    May 6, 2014
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    I'm interested in finding best spot to grind fans since the RNG gods hate me on pacts. I know 2nd chapter "bort" is best to grind both bort and nunu. Some have said wingfeather is best for xanti but it says cannot capture so I haven't tried. Chapter 3 I believe has spot for Karl and undoth but I'm not positive. Let's fill this thread with grind spots and get a better jump on our new competition coming soon
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    May 7, 2013
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    I highly recommend grinding wingfeather to get at least 4* xanti. Once pvp events start she will rip everyone to pieces.
  3. RailTracer

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    Feb 26, 2014
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    Basically any 3/4 is sort of worth it. Some more than others.
    Xanti can indeed b farmed, idk why it says no outside (mmaybe cause it depends on decision) 100% cap and 1% up per cap.....It looks awful but in fact I think it is better than the "normal" way. Worth it, a few days of grind and u should got her to 4*.
    2.1 nunu sword
    4.3 undoth archer. Xanti and le undoth probably better. Still it is a 3/4 fam.
    4. Last 2 stages vok sword. Not sure, I think nunu might b better.
    5.3 elok
    5.4 partuk, but I think elok better....
    however best mge farmable is ghislandi but I vent gotten to him yet. :(

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