Best 2* and 3* monsters for beginners.

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    Hi Fellow Summoners,

    I have been thinking about some of the monsters for starters and beginners, which can be worth awakening to 4* or 5* even 6*. Please feel free to add monsters in comment sections, if I miss some monsters.

    1. Wind Warbear - Ramagos
    This is one of the best tank available in game. It can also be farmed from wind secret dungeons during Wind day. This monster comes as a natural 2*, usually summoned from Unknown Scrolls and Social Point summons. It is also easy to level up his skills as warbears are summoned quite often, and also be farmed from secret dungeons. Ramagos is worth awakening and making it a 6* monster as well. It is a game changer in arenas and dungeon raiding with its 3rd skill Clean Shot. It has 3 skills.

    Runes - All Energy with HP% 2/4/6 rune slots(Early levels). After evolving to 6* and using him in arenas, you can switch to Endurance and Energy or Violent Energy with HP% in 2nd, 4th, 6th slots
    When fighting, do not use 3rd skill in the early stage of a fight.

    Try to use it when Ramagos HP is approximately less than 30-40%. If the enemy dies, you get extra turn. Use that turn to heal yourself with 2nd skill, Crouch.
    2. Water Elemental - Daharenos
    I feel this is a good Water tank for early stages of dungeon raiding. It can be summoned as a natural 2* from Unknown Scrolls and Social Point summons. It is also easy to level up his skills as Elementals are summoned from Unknown Scrolls and Social Points quite often, and also be farmed from secret dungeons. It can be a deadly tank with proper runing. Daharenos, if runed properly can be a worthy 5* monster. Utility of this monster as a 6* is not known. I haven't seen anyone using this till 6*. You can make it 4* max, use it till you get a natural 3* water tank. Then make it 5* and feed it to a 5* maxed monster for evolving it to 6* maybe.

    Runes - All Enenrgy with HP% in 2/4/6 rune slots. Best output of the Shield can be obtained only with Energy runes for that extra 45% boost from 3 x sets. But, one can always experiment with runes.

    We can use this monster against wind monsters, due it's 3rd skill, Shadow Defense which gives itself a shield that absorbs damage equal to 100% of Daharenos HP. Start the fight with shield on which can be reused after 6 turns. If the skill is maxed, you can reuse the skill after 4 turns. Shield lasts on Daharenos for 3 turns, so he takes damage for only 1 turn before he can use his shield again.
    3. Wind Living Armor - Copper
    Firstly, these guys have the best funny names for awakened monster. Have all the metal names, Copper, Nickel, Iron, Silver and Zinc.
    Anyways, this monster is a natural 3* summoned from Mystical Scrolls or Mystical Summon, a little rare but still obtained after few summons. It can also be summoned from Unknown scrolls or Social Summon which is super RNGesus. All his attacks are based on his defense. So higher his defense, higher his damage. It is worth awakening and evolving to 6* monster. I have seen player hit for a 20k damage with his 3rd skill, Thunder Strike, in arenas. In my personal opinion, I wouldn't consider it as THE BEST tank, since higher the defense, higher the defense ignorance debuff effect. For example, Fighting against Raoq, its first skill, Scratch put a defense ignore debuff on Copper which makes it vulnerable to attacks and takes heavy damage.

    Runes - Guard Runes 2/4/6 Def% for dungeon raiding. Or experimenting with Endurance, Energy, Guard runes with Hp%/Def%/Res% in 2/4/6 slots.

    Fighting is pretty simple, maybe start the fight with 2nd skill and use skills as they are available.

    (will update soon with some more tanks Water Warbear, Bearmans)​
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    The obvious ones are the major Light 3*s: Darion, Ahman and Belladeon (Vagabond, Bearman, Inugami). Ahman is now controversial and they're not completely farmable but getting even one of them will allow a player to progress further.

    Then there's the Dungeon Duo of Shannon (Wind Pixie) and Bernard (Wind Griffon). One is easy to get in Unknown Scrolls and the other is farmable. Both are essential parts of most peoples' first Giants B10 team and are pretty strong in ToA.

    The prize, however, goes to Megan (Water Mystic Witch). Useful in every situation except as a solo farmer.

    These 6 are 'essentials'. Other amazing 2*s and 3*s are more situational:
    1. Rakaja (Wind Yeti) for burst healing
    2. Lulu (Water Howl) for consistent healing and debuff removal
    3. Konamiya (Water Garuda) for healing, debuff removal and extra turns (essentially cloning your strongest unit)
    4. Tagaros (Fire Elemental) and Sath (Fire Grim Reaper) for AoE damage and Despair stuns.
    5. Michelle (Wind E. Priest) for revives and buff extension
    6. Rina (Water E. Priest) (Yes, she is still quite annoying) for tanking and secondary healing
    7. Raoq (Fire Inugami) for raw damage
    8. Kahli (Fire High Elemental) when something needs to die NOW
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    Inugami - great damage dealer, with good runes he can still be used at the end game so worth investing
    High Elemental - good monster for end game, crappy for early and mid game
    Inferno - squishy aoe damager, has some uses

    Garuda - great healer, can be used in high level dugeons and ToA
    Howl - good healer but lacks in end game
    Epikon Priest - great water tank with heal, can help climbing in Arena due to people avoiding her
    Mystic Witch - good ATB buffer for arena

    War Bear - hard to kill, great burst damage (ignores def and element), self heal. I was always in love with this guy and with guild wars I like him even more
    Pixie - perfect support skills, only downside are her low stats, still worth to 6*
    Yeti - good healer
    Griffon - great monster for almost everything with very good stats
    Epikon priest - good reviver with heal and semi dispel

    Fairy - good support
    Inugami - great unit, very useful on all stages of your SW career
    Bearman - great unit, he is becoming less useful in late state of game but he is the one to get you there!
    Vagabond - great unit for late game. Really needs violent rune set which aint available at the start :/
    Imp - more useful in late state of game but there are better options (kahli)

    None of the farmable units are good :/
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    Kro (Inugami) is a decent Argen alternative if you have a good debuffing team.
    Decamaron (Salamander) is a boss killing machine.
    Kumae (Yeti) and Jultan (Werewolf) have wrecked me in Arena before (not sure if Jultan is normally farmable though).
    Shumar (Hellhound) is an incredibly deadly attacker. Basically if you want buffs go Sieq but if you want raw damage go Shumar.
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