Basic Guide to the 闘技場(Arena) and Discussion

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    Table of Contents:
    Section 1: Basics and Battle Setup
    Section 2: Different Battle Types
    Section 3: The Value of Points and Ranks

    Section 1:Basics and Battle Setup

    Arena's Appearance


    Essentially, the arena is a pvp system for pets, which can be accessed by pressing the option in the middle of the right side menu:
    Accessing the Arena

    [SPOILER="Arena's Appearance"][/SPOILER]
    To fight in a duel you use 3 pets and 3 weapons, where the pets automatically fight the enemy in battle:
    Battle Setup

    Section 2: Different Battle Types
    There are two different types of arena battles. The top option of battle is "Random Competition" which costs 1 pet spirit, while the bottom option is "Friendly Competition" which costs no pet spirit. Random Competition is able to give you points(even when you lose, up until A rank), while Friendly Competition does not.

    Section 3: The Value of Points and Ranks

    When you gain points, you can ascend the ranks. These ranks go from E to S. You start out at E rank and rank up when reaching a certain quantity of points. When you rank up you can gain exemplary rewards, such as Awakening Rabi and SR weapons.
    Rank Progression Based on Point Gain

    • E=0
    • D=50
    • C=200
    • B=500
    • A=1000
    • S=2000

    Suggestions, and rectifications are welcomed to ameliorate this guide.
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