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    Ok, first off I asked this question at gumi and I don't know if there is a language barrier or what, but those folks acted like I was insulting them to ask about the art techniques that Gumi / Alim expects - in order for an artist to submit compliant work. I want to make some concepts for them and while I can dissect their techniques myself, it also helps to get qualified, knowledgeable people to just give you a brief if you can get that. So I'm asking here, if anyone knows, what is the blueprint, the ruleset, the base model set for creating characters / artwork for Brave Frontier? If there are any tips or techniques do that a person can create work that can drop right into the Brave Frontier universe undetected, I'd like to know whatever I can.
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    (For anyone wondering, this is not the way I asked the question at Gumi - but they took my question as if I was another company trying to steal trade secrets or something. They confused compliant with copying, and this included a Super moderator there. who assumed I was asking how to copy Gumi characters as if I was just going to draw Vargas and submit it... just ridiculous.)
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