APKS & the release of the U.S. game;

Discussion in 'Colopl Rune Story' started by Zankonell, Aug 24, 2015.

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    So I live in the United States and I'm one of the many people who found this game online and someone gave me the APK url to download the game so I didn't have to wait to play it. I've put at least 25-30 hours into my game, so having to restart just makes me really sad thinking about it, especially since I did buy the monthly jewels.

    The APK I originally downloaded was of version 1.0.23 as that was the newest one then. Rune Story is now up to at least 1.0.25 as I found this on the interwebz, but if I install the new APK and try to log into my account it fails and says "Couldn't access account". But if I install the original APK I used I log in right away. This brings up concern about my current account as I have invested money and time into it. BUT! My Questions are...

    1) Is the new APK on a different server, and that is why I cannot log in?

    2) And when the game does come out in the US, will I have access to my account or would I have to start all over again?

    If I have to start over I will... It's my fault I was so impatient, but keeping my account is ideal. My fault for being a typical impatient American.

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