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Discussion in 'Honorbound' started by Dkup, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Feb 23, 2014
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    So if you take two 1 star legendaries to make a 2 star, you lvl that 2 star to 100, can you then take another lvl 100 of the same legendary, be it 1 star or 2, and combine it with your lvl 100 2star just to get the better starting base stats? Or does it need to be 2 lvl 100 1star legendaries to get the optimal effect?
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    Once a hero has reached maximum evolution, it cannot be evolved, and does not even show up as a "evolvable" hero in the ritual.

    So no, for optimum stats, you must level up 2 1-star legendaries to 100, then combine them and repeat the painstaking leveling process for perfect stats
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    By how much exactly? What is the difference between a perfect and one evolved at level 1?

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