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    We are an easygoing squad who likes to have fun! The team usually shares strategies (post replays and chat) and is very generous with donations. Requests get filled constantly! We are recruiting at this moment and have several slots available… The team is looking for:

    • Active members
    • Donations* are a must! Aspire to match (plus or minus) what you Received
    • Donate only what is requested (if a mistake happens be upfront in the chat)
    • Request in English (Multi-language chat is okay but request in English)
    • No Drama
    • Be Easy Going
    • Have Fun
    • 1000 MEDALS REQUIRED to join if you are very ACTIVE and MATCH DONATIONS

    Also, we are very active joining the Squad Wars (at least twice a week) So, if you want specific troops, share knowledge (strategies) and play Squad Wars all the time, we are the one you want! Please come on in, say hello to our crew and mention this post.

    We also utilize LineApp, though it's not required. But what better way to communicate, share strategies, and view screen shots and actual SW replays.

    *Matching Donations are highly encouraged! In other words… Just return the favor (donations) to your teammates!

    Join us today… For a “BloodyRebellion”, an easy going, no pressure fun squad who likes to hunt down The Empire [​IMG]

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