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What App Invasion is all about.

What is App Invasion

App Invasion is the newest online community for mobile gamers. Here at App Invasion we believe mobile games is the future of portable gaming and we want to be part of that future!

Our Goal

Our goal is to become the #1 community and resource for mobile gamers. Yes, it's an ambitious goal but we believe because we ourselves are devout mobile gamers it gives us an edge into what mobile gamers need most right now and that's what makes us awesome!

What makes us Awesome!


We understand that mobile game discussions can vary greatly depending on the game's complexity. This understanding helps us be flexible in the way we cater to each game's players.

For example, a simple endless runner game may only need a single thread for discussion. An action RPG might need a little more discussion which would result in a single forum. Finally, a full fledged RPG would most likely needs multiple forums.


Trading has become very big in alot of mobile games but in most cases it's very dangerous. There's alot of scammers and there hasn't been a good way to universally combat these scammers across all games. Currently the best scenario is a scammer is banned/restricted from a single game's community but this same scammer can continue his evilness in another game or even in the same game but just on another site/community!

App Invasion has the ability to change all of this. First we use a "Feedback" system to find the scammers. Then by becoming the universal hub for all mobile games and therefore all trading within mobile games, once a scammer is banned/restricted he won't be able to scam within any game anymore on this site.


Most mobile gamers know alot of mobile games nowadays come out with little to no documentation. This is why our site also contains a Wiki! With the help of everyone, App Invasion will have a the most comprehensive wiki for all mobile games.

You can read more about App Invasion's features here

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Jun 9, 2013
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