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Aug 11, 2017
Dec 8, 2012
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It has begun... May 7, 2013

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Aug 11, 2017
    1. Gica Roberto
      Gica Roberto
      Seen you were looking for editors. Tell me more about this! What do you need from me and what would I be doing? i want help this forum with article and post , not picky just want to help , if you need me pls pm me ;) thx
    2. WoPLrdAY
      Seen you were looking for editors. Tell me more about this! What do you need from me and what would I be doing?
      1. NeoCHI
        Start a private conversation with me and I'll give you the details.
        Jul 3, 2014
    3. buster
      hey, i just installed chrome on my phone and can't browse this site coz it says "ip banned". i'm using wifi in my apartment and have to problems with this site using my laptop.
    4. PlayerAuctions
      Hi NeoCHI,

      I believe you may have gotten in touch with me in the past, but I am not 100% sure. It was several community members from bloodbrothersrpg. I too can't figure out how to send a PM, but let's get in touch. My name is Jake. I LOVE what you have done with this new site. Worlds better than bloodbrothersrpg.
    5. Lift4Daze
      Could you fix my birthday. I misclicked it, Dec 1, 2000 is the real one. I was going too fast. Thanks
    6. Pervert Ninja
      Pervert Ninja
      How come I can't leave feedback? The option can't be found.
    7. Gangster
      Shakeyjackson gave me negative feedback without reason. He was the one who wasted my time+ my 2 trade tickets. Can you fix this please?
    8. Shanks
      Hey man do you know why I can't sell any units on brave frontier?
    9. TylerTheDino
      Hey, I'm my phone atm, and I can't seem to find the pm feature, but I'd be interested in writing some articles for mobile games. I can pm you from my PC later today I'm assuming.
    10. WayneKingv2
      Remove my ip ban !! I've been good !
    11. michael buchmiller
      michael buchmiller
      Neochi I'm trying to give u my information for the blogger spot but I'm currently unable to figure out how to send u a message
    12. Lapiscloud
      Congrats on getting over 100 members in a little over a week Neo! Not bad :D
    13. NeoCHI
      It has begun...
      1. michael buchmiller likes this.
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