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Administrator, from Shanghai

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It has begun... May 7, 2013

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Oct 30, 2017
    1. KitanLegends
      I can help anyone needing aid in Summoners War. I really enjoy it and will be playing it for a while. Have a guild with open spots and will take the time to help get any of you going. My name is 3OXOE and the guild name is LegndryKnights
      1. ExUprising
        There's a guild recruitment thread in the summoners war forum!
        Jun 19, 2015
    2. TheStudentLol
      Hey, are you still looking for new moderators?
      1. NeoCHI
        Yes but only if your a pssionate mobile player and have alot of extra time.
        Jun 12, 2015
    3. KayRuggles
      I want some new games
    4. Aniela
      I want some new games :) Pleasee
    5. Fate1020
      I want some new games =)
    6. Kiritokun2k
      Hi there can u maybe get me the game GrandChaseM 0.0.3 ? i need the real game out of google store but i cant download it since its us google store and i am from eu -.- plz help me tyvm
    7. John Manardy
      John Manardy
      Hey NeoCHI, As you might know, Star Wars: Tiny Death Star was pulled. I've looked everywhere over the internet looking for a safe way to get it but all the checks say that the downloads have viruses. I was hoping you might have and suggestions for getting the game.
    8. BobaFett22
      Hi, NeoCHI. I am wondering if you can change my ID on here to " The Arrow " instead of " BobaFett22 ". Thank you in advance.
    9. nd4spd25
      Hello, NeoCHI. I'm interested in getting the new mobile games. What do I need to do? Thanks.
    10. CurseLax
      Neochi, This is just ridiculous, you haven't logged onto the defender of texel forum for a bit over a month. we should either continue this conversation there through PM or here through PM, I have also sent you an e-mail using the e-mail you have linked to your defender of texel forum account.
    11. Lycan
      I have sent you a conversation in HOC Forum. Have you checked it?
      I'm looking forward to being a moderator in this site! :D
      1. Lycan
        Hello HeoCHI, are you there?
        May 4, 2015
    12. Jedai Gai
      Jedai Gai
      Hey NeoCHI! I pmed you regarding the free games. Have yet to get a response, please do so when you can, thanks.
    13. Eliud Gonzalez
      Eliud Gonzalez
      Hello NeoCHI!! Made it.
    14. MK Android Gamer
      MK Android Gamer
      Hola. Made it over here from Heavenstrike forum. Sup?
    15. Dabs
      Hey it's me from PAD. I replied back on the P&D forums explaining what took me a little bit too reply back as I had some personal issues going on.
    16. Cloud7011
      Would like to be a Star Wars mod
    17. sseabolt7819
      What does a moderator do on this site?
      1. NeoCHI
        Depends on what kind of moderator.
        Apr 4, 2015
    18. EffectBF
      Hi Mr. NeoCHI, I got a notice telling me to contact you if I was interested in being a mod. I am active in 2 mobile games, Brave Frontier and Brave Frontier Japan. I'm a very helpful person and I hope I could be of help to your site!
    19. DaGrand Masta11
      DaGrand Masta11
      Hey there man, every time i try to post something in my signature section, it says it contains spam like content, even if i just write a couple words, then it says if this continues to contact an administrator, is there something you might be able to do to help me with this please?
      1. Keefie
        Maybe your signature is to long.
        Mar 26, 2015
    20. SpeedySnail
      Hi mate. I know that trading cards for cash is not allowed on appinvasion. However I created a post on neoseaker and met austarwars a member of appinvasion. He showed me his many blogs and his reputation on appinvasion which built trust as I could not see how someone with such positive blogs / feedback could be a con.
      1. SpeedySnail
        I got him to message me on appinvasion to ensure that it was him rather than just claiming to be him... And then setup a trade on swfc where I provided him with the cards up front for cash later.The cash four days later did not arrive lol. Yeah yeah I know I made a mistake. But... I do think your members should be protected from this man. He's using his appinvasion reputation to Rob members.
        Mar 26, 2015
      2. SpeedySnail
        I can provide a complete history of our communication on Lineapp and also there can be no claim (like other trades he's done on google) that it's someone using his identity.... As I got him to message me directly on appinvasion prior to trading.
        Mar 26, 2015
      3. SpeedySnail
        I don't expect to get my cards back. Or to have any recompense. That's nothing to do with appinvasion at all. My own fault. But I would love to see him removed for this.
        Mar 26, 2015
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