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  1. ChickenO
    ChickenO Dungeon Link (by GAMEVIL USA, Inc.)
    AI Users Rating:
    Pros -
    - Art style
    - Gameplay
    - Events Reward Free To Play Payers graciously
    - Reward Free Gems every 2 hours
    - PvP Arena rewards a lot of gems (doesn't require OP monsters)
    - Daily Log Ins will give you free 4* (Day 12) 5* ( Day 14) 6* (Day 24) and 450 Gems in all.
    - Great Progression and 3 Dungeons ( Boss Raid, 150 Floor Tower for now, Daily Dungeons)
    - They reward you gifts every few hours.
    - Easy to acquire monsters
    - Easy to max level monsters since every star has the same amount of EXP needed.
    - Offer great daily and monthly deals to avoid buying their outrageous standard prices
    - A LOT of variety in team make ups.
    - Does not take long to max level and enchant monsters.
    - Swords recharge at a fast rate
    - Friends will be sending you swords and you earn swords by gifting friends.
    - You can buy swords with friend points and arena medals.

    Cons -
    - There will be some grinding for gold and fodder monsters.
    - Costs 5$ to revive in a dungeon (get stronger to avoid this)
    - Some PvP matches will be unbalanced but you'll rarely see this.
    - You can only enter the daily dungeon one time.(will take weeks to evolve monsters you want to keep to 6*)
    - You will be mostly combining to get higher tier monsters
    - Unless you're wiling to spend weeks to evolve your desired monster to 6* you will be praying to RNGesus to give you the monster you want when you combine your 5* monsters.
    - You only get 7 Swords(energy) to do dungeons.
    - Special Summon rates are very low so you'll be mostly getting 3* fodder to turn into 4*

    I only have one tip for you guys.

    They are worth the weeks of wait to evolve and in my opinion the only ones worth the weeks of waiting.

    Overall Excellent Game and will be enjoying this for a long time.