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  1. tungbivn
    tungbivn Dmaul9
    hey bro, you wanna give away your BF account ?
  2. Lucas Conch
    Lucas Conch Zachary Zagnoni
    Do you have an email I could send screencaps to? I have 1*, 2* & vehicles complete, plus a full p. 3 of stack cards. Can also send u pix of cards that I’ve EvoMax+’d.
  3. Dennis Brindle
  4. Shiro_
    True love is like playing chess A boy always afraid of losing his queen And a girl risking everything just to save her king -Shiro & Sora
  5. Shiro_
    I love to play MMORPG's any one got a game suggestion? : )
  6. playerhot
    Cheap bridesmaid dresses, long prom dress, wedding dresses-Ombreprom
  7. Nuttsauce
    Nuttsauce zaymac
    If you haven't joined a guild in swfa, join us we run 2s in arcade. Search ingame for Arcanejedis
  8. Sidders White Tiger
    Sidders White Tiger
    Looking for IG88 bases
  9. mattcanhelp
    Opens Force Collection... <play>... <play>... "Network has timed out..." <sigh> Force close. Back to the beginning.
  10. CrowLover79
    I can never sleep at night. Sucks.
  11. No mercy
  12. kaboom
    Old member coming back
  13. WolfgangKlump
    I did not die
  14. Spongetow54
    Spongetow54 hammy~the~hamsta
    Hi Hammy! It’s spongetow54. I’m back on force collection! If you want to add me, my ID is 350-816-116.
  15. HaRo
    ☆Captain HaRo☆
  16. FlameBelial
    I play SWFC, Fortnite, Clash Royale, SWTOR, and more!
  17. Kaishin
    Kaishin Tacka10
    I'm looking to downsize a bit.

    cap phasma - x3 5*
    fn nines - x1 5*
    fo snowtrooper - x16 4*
    fo fleet engineer - evomax 3*
    gen hux - x3 5*
    kylo ren - awakened+ 4*
    kylo ren dp - x2 5*
    kylo ren dp - x1 awakened 5*
    kylo ren sb - x1 awakened 5*
    megablaster - x12 4*
    megablaster - awakened 4*

    Got these for trade if you need them. I'll message you in game, probably easier this way.
  18. Tacka10
    Hardcore SWFC player. Join my legion now! Player ID: 281-578-455
  19. Tacka10
    Hardcore SWFC player. Join my legion now!
  20. Tacka10
    Star Wars force collection player. Join my legion “The First Order”. Player ID: 281-578-455