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  1. Spongetow54
    Spongetow54 hammy~the~hamsta
    Hi Hammy! It’s spongetow54. I’m back on force collection! If you want to add me, my ID is 350-816-116.
  2. HaRo
    ☆Captain HaRo☆
  3. FlameBelial
    I play SWFC, Fortnite, Clash Royale, SWTOR, and more!
  4. Kaishin
    Kaishin Tacka10
    I'm looking to downsize a bit.

    cap phasma - x3 5*
    fn nines - x1 5*
    fo snowtrooper - x16 4*
    fo fleet engineer - evomax 3*
    gen hux - x3 5*
    kylo ren - awakened+ 4*
    kylo ren dp - x2 5*
    kylo ren dp - x1 awakened 5*
    kylo ren sb - x1 awakened 5*
    megablaster - x12 4*
    megablaster - awakened 4*

    Got these for trade if you need them. I'll message you in game, probably easier this way.
  5. Tacka10
    Hardcore SWFC player. Join my legion now! Player ID: 281-578-455
  6. Tacka10
    Hardcore SWFC player. Join my legion now!
  7. Tacka10
    Star Wars force collection player. Join my legion “The First Order”. Player ID: 281-578-455
  8. Davies918
    Looking for Rey JT
  9. Davies918
    Davies918 Charles the Great
  10. Stanley
    Returning after 3years. New account
  11. Marilllion
  12. inhaspie
    Guess who's back (no suprise, it's me)
  13. go88cash
    Kunjungi web kami di Go88cash ,com untuk bermain judi bola dan casino online
  14. ReggaeJedi
    Back from the dead!
  15. Dhesyana
  16. ilba nibbo
    ilba nibbo Sebas G.
    I had cs ultra team, 2 elements maybe u interested
    1. Sebas G.
      Sebas G.
      No I'm fine for now I'll eat you know though if I ever change my mind :)
      Nov 19, 2017
  17. HeadCaSe
    zone155 Reaper Crew
  18. aliam
    retired from SWFC
  19. akirakeyh
    akirakeyh Andy Oey
    hi dude nice to meet you i wanted tou ask if i can get your 2nd account if its possible. i lost mine in augustus while i was in holiday a lvl 400 char with 300 units a 3 years old acc >_<
    i asked help from admins no response till now so if u are agree i will take care of your acc. thanks in advance
    best regards
  20. hammy~the~hamsta
    Oh hey, I am back in Swfc for the time being, forgot to update this :)