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  1. akirakeyh
    akirakeyh Andy Oey
    hi dude nice to meet you i wanted tou ask if i can get your 2nd account if its possible. i lost mine in augustus while i was in holiday a lvl 400 char with 300 units a 3 years old acc >_<
    i asked help from admins no response till now so if u are agree i will take care of your acc. thanks in advance
    best regards
  2. hammy~the~hamsta
    Oh hey, I am back in Swfc for the time being, forgot to update this :)
  3. LoS_Sunpraiser
    Visit Sunpraiser's Trade House!
  4. Darth Glaxus
    Darth Glaxus Frederick Smith
    1. Frederick Smith
      Sep 26, 2017
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    2. Darth Glaxus
      Darth Glaxus
      You do eat hammies
      Sep 26, 2017
  5. Sebas G.
    Sebas G. Fikri novani
    Hey can you respond to the mech offer?
  6. millefuille
    49367685 - mille| Lv 524 | SLv109
  7. millefuille
    49367685 - mille
  8. Sebas G.
    Sebas G.
    Battle camp player looking for br team :) Sagittarius
  9. Dhesyana
  10. Vpking
    Check out my shop VPkings's shop center
  11. Stephanie Hein
    Stephanie Hein
    Playing Mobile games : Star Wars Force Collection, Marvel Contest of Champions, and more. Hit me up
  12. IILightsMx
    Hi people :)!
  13. アドラ キオン
    アドラ キオン Kuttrax
    Hey Kuttrax, may i join the bfjp discord chat? My username is Falma#1816
  14. The Joker (DS)
  15. Fighter
    Fighter Revan The Legend
    Hello I am a. Great fan. Watch all your star. Wars videos. But. Will you be doing another. Star Wars Galaxy. Of heroes video?
  16. High Climate
    High Climate
    Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them.
  17. tcgcards
    Trading cheap cards for SWFC.
  18. firman
    Battle Camp
  19. ayamjuve
    Buat kamu yang suka bermain judi poker online , domino , QQ , Capsa susun join sekarang juga ya di ayamjuve,com
  20. Dark Drakus
    Dark Drakus Goblincleaver
    I would like to be added to the Goblin shop so I can purchase cards, please. My SWFC name is Dark Drakus and I am on Line as the same. Thank you!