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  1. Sebas G.
    Sebas G.
    Battle camp player looking for br team :) Sagittarius
  2. Dhesyana
  3. Vpking
    Check out my shop VPkings's shop center
  4. Stephanie Hein
    Stephanie Hein
    Playing Mobile games : Star Wars Force Collection, Marvel Contest of Champions, and more. Hit me up
  5. IILightsMx
    Hi people :)!
  6. アドラ キオン
    アドラ キオン Kuttrax
    Hey Kuttrax, may i join the bfjp discord chat? My username is Falma#1816
  7. The Joker (DS)
  8. Fighter
    Fighter Revan The Legend
    Hello I am a. Great fan. Watch all your star. Wars videos. But. Will you be doing another. Star Wars Galaxy. Of heroes video?
  9. High Climate
    High Climate
    Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them.
  10. tcgcards
    Trading cheap cards for SWFC.
  11. firman
    Battle Camp
  12. ayamjuve
    Buat kamu yang suka bermain judi poker online , domino , QQ , Capsa susun join sekarang juga ya di ayamjuve,com
  13. Dark Drakus
    Dark Drakus Goblincleaver
    I would like to be added to the Goblin shop so I can purchase cards, please. My SWFC name is Dark Drakus and I am on Line as the same. Thank you!
  14. blakewh
    blakewh battlecamper01
    Hey bro can i contact you ?
    1. battlecamper01
      Yea line of bccamper01
      Aug 25, 2017
  15. Desh98
    Desh98 Kuttrax
    Not sure if I should ask here .. but anyway .. are you a F2P player Kut? :D
  16. KingKappa
    Sell Monsters in Battle Camp - Super - Ultra - Epic R and E
  17. Master88
    Master88 paikizi
    I have 2 awake yoda eod for your bane sk
  18. Lenion
    New to App Invasion, looking for BF friends!
  19. Mati
    Mati natt01
    How much for your siegedragon Capricorn?
  20. Mati
    Mati IvanZh
    How much for drilipende and chilipende