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Renegades for Christ [Omega] Looking for 2!

Discussion in 'Legions' started by RG_Buddah, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. RG_Buddah

    RG_Buddah Level 13

    May 9, 2014
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    Braymer, Missouri
    Obviously, as the legion name suggests, this isn't a legion for everybody...and that's OK! If you do feel called to join our group that mixes fun, faith and competitiveness, we have 2 spots open on our consistently top 50 (rank 32 last LaW) legion.

    Message me on line id: rg_buddah

    (Line app is required, as is 10/12 attendance...coverage is available)

    We have a 2 ship coalition (omega and delta).

    Omega is our top 50 ship.

    Delta is our casual play/ formation development ship.

    Attendance and formation strength are key in Omega, where we require members to make 10 out of 12 battles of law and motivated to improve their forms. We encourage top fighter/pilot/parts as these are vital to law battle success.

    For Delta, we require you to be active daily and grow in our legion.

    We are mostly Christians, with a few guys who may not be but don't mind being around Christians, and are willing to respect our standards.

    Family & Purpose:
    We are driven by following Christ. This means our standards and ideals flow from the truths presented in the Bible.
    While there is no scripture explicitly stating "thou shall not cuss," there are teachings in the Bible about adhering to uplifting talk and avoiding foul language. Therefore, we do not allow cursing or other forms of inappropriate communication (including pictures and memes) in our chat. Basically, if you wouldn't want your five year old son or daughter to see it or read it, then don't post it. Some of us play this game with or around family, and do not desire to have inappropriate content in front of us or our families.

    If that sounds like something you're looking for, message me on LINE!
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