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FH7 end/terminus help

Discussion in 'Frontier Hunter' started by WrXja, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. WrXja

    WrXja Level 9

    Sep 19, 2014
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    So my BB spam team wrecked the entrance and middle, but this is my first FH and I had no idea that you get more points by going slow I guess? So I started taking my time and getting big overkill bonuses, but i can't seem to get the last item in end or any items in terminus, even though I feel like I have a fairly strong squad.

    I'm currently running:

    (LEAD)Empyreal Drake Lodin (LVL 100 Anima, Sbb 7 - Medulla Gem)
    Goddess Axe Michele (LVL 100 Oracle, Sbb 4 - Mystic Lantern)
    Tyrant Goddess Phee (LVL 90 Guardian, BB 2 - Brave Crest)
    Dark Warlord Zephyr (LVL 100 Lord, SBB 1 - Sacred Jewel)
    Legatus Melchio (LVL 100 Guardian, Sbb 1 - Sacred Jewel

    I know my sbb's need to be leveled up more, but will that make all the difference for me?

    Also, if I sub in Elimo for Phee for some heals for sustainability, do I lose points if I use his BB heal before I plan on killing all the mobs? I'm still not 100% sure how the whole thing works. Are overkill points more important than first turn kill points?

    If it's an issue with my squad that you think I could fix, these are my other units:

    4* Professor Lorand A Lvl 46
    6* Bordebegia A Lvl 100
    6* Defiant God Luthor B Lvl 100
    4* Lava Pheonix L Lvl 17
    3* Lava L Lvl 10
    4* Hot Chef Lancia B Lvl 10
    3* Drake Chief Aisha B Lvl 15
    4* Red Slash Farlon B Lvl 1
    5* Red Blade Farlon A Lvl 65
    4* Fire Step Ramna B Lvl 16
    6* Fire Samba Ramna L Lvl 1
    5* Dark Princess Dia G Lvl 4
    4* Luther B Lvl 1
    4* Luther O Lvl 1

    2* Zephu L Lvl 5
    3* Snow Blade Stya G Lvl 23
    6* Wise Mage Elimo L Lvl 1
    5* Twin Shot Rickel G Lvl 30
    6* Azure Goddess Lucina A Lvl 20
    4* Ice Mage Dean B Lvl 15
    4* Hail Bot Reeze A Lvl 14
    4* Spear Fist Raydn B Lvl 35

    5* Lemenara G Lvl 45
    6* War Queen Ophelia L Lvl 100
    2* Boxer Nemia A Lvl 1
    3* Pixy Leore G Lvl 13
    5* Gemini Il & Mina G Lvl 65
    4* Golem G Lvl 45
    4* Pugilist Dilma G Lvl 1
    4* Havoc Girl Lily G Lvl 1
    6* Havoc God Luly A Lvl 1
    4* Iron Shield Darvan B Lvl 1
    4* Diva Hatsune Miku A Lvl 1

    6* Heavens Bow Loch B Lvl 58
    3* Spark Kick Zeln G Lvl 1
    4* Sky Angel Kushra L Lvl 1
    6* Sky Mage Rashil A Lvl 76
    4* Mech Arms Grybe G Lvl 23
    4* Mech Arms Grybe O Lvl 1
    4* Uda G Lvl 1
    5* Crusher Uda G Lvl 38
    4* Thunder Beast Ahvel B Lvl 9

    5* Deemo and the Girl A Lvl 73
    3* Knight Will L Lvl 21
    3* Adventurer Alma B Lvl 14
    4* Champion Aem A Lvl 11
    4* White Lebra G Lvl 1
    4* Horseman Sodis A Lvl 1
    6* Guardian Chief Sodis B Lvl 66
    4* Light Blade Alyut L Lvl 1
    4* Prodigy Themis G Lvl 52
    4* Prodigy Themis B Lvl 1
    4* Prodigy Themis L Lvl 1
    5* Ruin Zellha L Lvl 80
    4* Dark Angel Azael A Lvl 1
    4* Brave Legend Hogar G Lvl 1
    5* Mad God Zebra B Lvl 80
    6* Dark Warlord Zephyr L Lvl 100
    4* Necromancer Lemia A Lvl 20
    4* Half Blood Lira L Lvl 48
    5* Evil Blades Logan A Lvl 56
    4* Dark Charm Lumaria B Lvl 24
    4* Dark Blade Zephyr L Lvl 1
    4* Kajah G Lvl 50
    4* Dictator Lilly Matah G Lvl 27
  2. Divini

    Divini Level 17

    Feb 20, 2014
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    What gets you the most points are the spark and weakness damage hits. Multi-kill is the biggest bonus. Overkill is okay, on the same tier as BB bonus. Are you able to keep your SBBs full every turn on 2+ enemies? Also not having a 20+ hit SBB will hurt your spark bonus by a lot. Why not bring your Luther or Deemo?

    The other huge point bonuses comes at the very end. Defeating Tilith and not losing one unit boosts your points by a lot. Are you able to beat Terminus? I find it difficult to see how you can't get ANY of the items if you can.
  3. WrXja

    WrXja Level 9

    Sep 19, 2014
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    I couldn't get any of the items in terminus, so I should take out Phee and Zephyr for deemo and luther? I actually have 3 luthers, I read someone did terminus with 3 luthers, deemo and grah

    Also, yes I am able to keep them all full on 2+ enemies

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