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  1. Funkateerdave
    The secret to walking on water is knowing where the rocks are.
  2. Roseyyyy ^.^
    Roseyyyy ^.^
    TOP 400 legion ship looking for recruits or merge. Requirements are pg10 + and attend 8/12 battles .
  3. JimJedi
    JimJedi jacobjoon1234
    Hi I need some help
    I want 7 Old Rey bases

    I have
    QGJ FD
    Chew AHR
    Ashoka Old
    HanSolo Papy(HR?)
    Hux Old
    MAny old bosses (200)
    Max credit
    Max remote
    Max tickets

    What is the price?
    I do not understantd how i pay and what de you need?

    Thank reading me

    My id 869983136
  4. Tan_The_Man
  5. JimJedi
    JimJedi Space ball
    Hi have you got old Rey FT

    I have QGJ FD + topper
  6. JimJedi
    JimJedi riff-raff
    About My QGJ FD for your Old Rey

    Sorry for the delay

    I can add Chew AHR
  7. Riv
  8. iArekkusuYT
    Quaid & Diana best ship ever. Don't believe me? Ask Yumi.
  9. iArekkusuYT
    Quaid & Diana best ship ever.
  10. Dark Red
    Dark Red
  11. LycanDeveloper
    We develop games for iOS and Android. Check out Candy Bear, Cart Run, Troll Jumper, Piggy Piggy, Balloon Run, Beasts and Monsters and more.
  12. Rogue_Starkiller
    Apparently in-game trading is a thing of the past.
  13. youzthe4ce
    youzthe4ce Wamping Wascal
    We would definitely like to have you on board. We currently have 24 actives at any which time during events & LaW. Good core of players with a lot of knowledge to help in all facets of the game (form, trading, gifting of cards, etc.). Please consider us if you haven't decided on a legion.
    youzthe4ce (LS main) 191-497-772
    ILL-N-VILLNS (DS Main & Captain of Ghost Mafia) 952-726-993
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    2. youzthe4ce
      Ah, I'll make a spot available for you!
      Jan 12, 2017
    3. youzthe4ce
      Spot open
      Jan 12, 2017
    4. youzthe4ce
      Fyi, go thru ILL-N-VILLNS, as that's where I made a spot
      Jan 12, 2017
  14. Ihavethehighground
    Ihavethehighground hammy~the~hamsta
    Ham is deadly to Hamsters
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    2. hammy~the~hamsta
      Probably is... Though citruses are really deadly they eat a hamsters stomach away
      Jan 10, 2017
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    3. Ihavethehighground
  15. Slamsam88
  16. Mr. Furley
    Mr. Furley
    Profile ID: 325-154-556
  17. Breaker X
    Breaker X
    In search for SST
  18. Bull Pence
    Bull Pence
    Yes I know. Your cards are worth more than mine.
  19. Kringe Vurok
    Kringe Vurok
    Player ID 581-293-972
  20. Jobdan
    Proud member of The Fallen