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by WoPLrdAY at Saturday at 1:14 PM
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During my time at Casual Connect in San Francisco, CA, I had the opportunity to talk games with more than a few indie developers. David and Brooke were just kind enough to give me an interview for you fellow AppInvaders about their game studio, Brain&Brain, and their new game, Doggins!

Brain&Brain is David and Brooke Condolora, a Bay Area husband-and-wife team with a deep love for storytelling and quiet adventure. Wielding a set of perfectly matched left- and right-brain skills, they joined forces to...
by Zorena at Saturday at 1:14 AM
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It doesn’t matter whether you’re the president of the Origami club at your school or simply a fan of the art form−this game welcomes all. The game's bright, colorful graphics and minimalistic interface are easy on the eyes. Its music encourages a relaxing experience−one that temporarily distracts you from your emotions. But soon, the frustration of your attempts to master virtual paper will kick in. Once that happens, the music might as well be muted as you focus on how you’re going to turn that square piece of paper into a crown....
by NeoCHI at Jul 20, 2014
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by NeoCHI at Jul 18, 2014
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Very simple question guys. What are you guys interested in seeing when you go to the front page of App Invasion. We'll use the results to get more interesting content to you!

If what you want to see isn't listed in the poll options then post it in this thread as a reply.
by Jewmangi at Jul 16, 2014
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Super Battle Tactics is a turn base strategy game produced by Mobage. The game's premise is to pit a team of tanks in a 4v4 battle in which the last man standing is the victor. As far as the story goes it is very simple; you are a competitor on a television show where all you do is blow up the other team's tank. You do it for the fame, the rankings, and of course for the money. On the surface, the game may seem very simple but overall if you look beneath the surface and really delve into the game. It can be pleasant surprise and drain...